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The mission of Cintra Tribus is to inspire people to live in harmony with nature through play and free exploration. Knowing it, respecting it and contemplating it, recognizing it as essential for life.

Our goal is to be the preferred space for play and autonomous exploration, for children, families, schools and all people who want to get involved in this direct contact with nature. Going back to the origins, playing without previously elaborated structures, fostering each one's creative space.

In addition to assuming itself as a School, the Cintra Tribus organizes regular meetings from Monday to Friday, Saturdays, birthday parties, activities for schools and weeks of school interruption, such as Christmas, Carnival, Easter, summer holidays...
We are an open community growing and welcoming anyone who wants to join, we recognize the need to rethink the relationship of playing in contact with nature, the urgency of the outside.

We are waiting for you, for an encounter with Nature!

Our team

  • Patrícia Limpo

    Patricia or Pita, kindergarten teacher, higher education teacher and passionate about education, the arts and people of all ages. With 26 years of experience in the area of Early Childhood Education and training in the area of outdoor education, she believes that the affective relationship is the basis of education and that this is achieved, at every step, with every child that walks with her. Art and nature are part of her personality and her pedagogical intervention in general and at Cintra Tribus in particular. She is our storyteller.

  • Lourenço Borges

    Music is his Passion. He's been a student since he was 10 and a teacher since 2018. He speaks through his eyes and with the sound of his guitar wins over passers-by. A born listener and observer, he enjoys laughing with the children and the children reciprocate in kind. Discreet but when he's not there, everyone asks about him! Attentive and calm, he is the one who brings musical education to Cintra Tribus.

  • Maria Jesus

    Triplet, catechist, swimming and running teacher, babysitter, attentive, concerned, friend and so many other things... that's Maria.
    She is happy among children and, therefore, is making her professional path linked to education. Today she is a student in the degree in Basic Education.
    He knows every grain of sand on our beach and every pine tree in our pine forest.
    Passionate about children and nature, she arrived at Cintra Tribus to give our little and big Indians a hug and a lot of pampering.

  • Cecília Moreira

    Kindergarten Teacher, Teacher in Higher Education of Musical Expression in the context of Kindergarten, aunt of many people and a very good friend of even more people.
    Cecília teaches like someone who advises, in a natural and very sweet way. Musical expression and the expressive arts have a special place in her heart. She likes to laugh, travel and is very fond of the beach and the sea. She teaches Morals and Catholic Religion, teaches guitar, sings in two choirs and directs a children's choir and was classified as “the best singer in the world” by a student. For what it's worth, but kids don't lie!

  • Carmo Gomes

    Since a very young age, Carmo's great passion has been children. Those who know her are always captivated by her friendliness, dedication and sensitivity. She is a happy and fulfilled person when she is surrounded by little Indians and that is why she chose a professional path linked to the education of the youngest. With a degree in Basic Education, she has been developing a set of projects linked to the occupational aspect of free time, whether in the classroom or outdoors, an experience that, to the great satisfaction of the little ones, she has been putting to the test in the Cintra Tribus.

  • Beatriz Silva

    When she was a little girl, she said she wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, today she already has a degree in basic education, still passionate about the profession. She spent a lot of time playing in the street and therefore she feels that the outer space calms her down.

  • Madalena Soares

    Madalena never had any doubts that CintraTribus was the ideal place to provide young people with experiences and learning that she considers essential for life. In addition, the whole side of adventure and overcoming obstacles that the pine forest presents reminds her of the different challenges she conquered in gymnastics, a sport she practiced for 15 years. With a degree in Basic Education, she believes that this project complements her as a future teacher, as it is here that play is seen as the greatest strength of being a child.

  • Mafalda Moreira

    Coming from a family with so many cousins and so connected to education, the interaction that Mafalda has with the children was no surprise to anyone. Since she was a little girl, she is used to being in nature, she wants to play, she wants to do sports, the forest being one of her great passions. Thus, Cintra Tribus proved to be the ideal place to meet and provide children with moments as good as those they experienced in nature.

  • Matilde Lourenço

    Master in Pre-School Education and Teaching of the 1st cycle. His life has changed since he did a professional internship at an outdoor school in Norway. This fairy came back enchanted by teaching in nature!
    She is now a 1st cycle teacher and always has something to teach us. Matilde brings to Cintra Tribus new skills, tickles and lots of laps!

  • Mónica Chantre

    With a background in Social Communication and a specialization in Strategic Public Relations, she is our communication strategist.
    Always with a phone in hand, he registers everything that happens. He is a people person and loves words, likes, shares, hearts and laughs, on social media, but even more, in real life.

  • Pedro Ferreira

    Pedro is a calm and kind person. He is a fan of nature and loves camping, he feels free and fulfilled when he does it. He likes to get to know people well and tries to make good friends with everyone.
    He loves working at cintra tribus, as it is a place connected to nature, which brings him good memories and peace of mind. He really likes to meet the children, because they are the purest symbol of happiness that exists.

  • Joana

    Joana is super in a good mood, smiling and happy with life!
    He comes from a large family, where cousins and uncles are more than many. Maybe that's why children were her first passion and the kindergarten teacher course was a statement. When he plays with clay or touches the earth, he finds his nature.
    After 20 years in a "traditional" school, it was a Forest School course that made Joana change the cement walls for a school where trees are the classroom.
    He firmly believes that hugs and contact with nature are fundamental ingredients for a child to grow up happy and he found the ideal place at Cintra Tribus.

  • Pedro

    Pedro was born in Beja and is from Odivelas-Alentejo.
    It is from there that he brings his accent and musical aptitude. How good it is when you pick up the guitar and enchant with your Alentejo singing, so sweet!
    He enjoys sports, photography and handicrafts and it is to him that we owe the extraordinary construction, decoration and storage ideas here at Tribo.
    He started working in the education field in 2019 and it has been a pleasure to have him on the team!



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