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Time and space to play
freely in tune with nature.


Inspiring people to live in harmony with Nature through exploration and free interaction.

Where are we

Estamos no Mucifal em Sintra, Colares e temos 8000m2 de pinhal para muitas brincadeiras e descobertas.

Who we are

We are an association, we work in the field of outdoor education with schools, children and families.

Explore our programs

  • School CintraTribus

    At Cintra Tribus school, we learn and grow in nature! Every day we explore the natural space and create project work dynamics, responding to the interests of each family and the development of each child.

  • Saturdays in the Tribe

    For two hours, children can be and play in the pine forest, making new friends and playing new games. The first visit is always trial and free, just schedule a day and come and meet the space and the team!

  • Vacation Programs

    Holiday weeks are the most fun. From different schools and different ages, Indians from all over join the tribe!

  • We receive school groups at the Cintra Tribus space or we go to your school. Let's contribute to a day of lots of fun and learning!

  • Birthdays

    Bring your family and friends and come celebrate your birthday at Cintra Tribus. Let's give you the best outdoor birthday party!



We like to receive and we are with open arms to meet all the families that are interested in us.
The first visit is always experimental and free, to get to know our space and feel the dynamics of our team!
Fill out the form and come to our pine forest.

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    Common questions

    We are on Google Maps and Waze – but beware! It is very important that you make your way through Bairro do Totobola – Sintra, Lourel, Várzea de Sintra, Nafarros and Bairro do Totobola.

    Bring comfortable clothes that can get dirty, a hat if it's sunny or waterproof clothing if it's raining, a bottle of water and a small snack. And even on sunny days, bring a coat because in Sintra you never know what the weather will be like!!

    We don't really have a minimum age. We accept all children, as long as they are already autonomous in walking so that they can explore the pine forest and the beach freely.

    At Cintra Tribus, children have plenty of space (and a lap!) to take naps. In the tents, or outdoors, there is always an adult prepared to pack and accompany the children at this very important moment.

    No problem! Change the diaper! For the little ones, we advise you to bring a backpack/bag with a change of clothes, a bottle/bottle with water, a morning snack, diapers and wipes, if you use them, and other accessories you think are necessary.

    The family is always welcome! You can stay as long as you want and need to make everyone feel at ease.

    Meals are made by a local project – Root Food Project – which serves a healthy menu with vegan and vegetarian options.



    Férias de Natal na Tribo

    Chegaram as férias mais encantadas do ano! Durante as Férias de Natal, estaremos no pinhal do Cintra Tribus para

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    Somos escola!

    Somos escola porque somos casa para as nossas crianças e famílias. Somos escola porque crescemos

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